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Teeth Whitening

Although there are different options when it comes to whitening your natural enamel, all forms of whitening primarily use the same active ingredient called carbamide peroxide or in the case of whitestrips, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, if you’re a nerd like me!). This whitening peroxide comes in three packages:

  1. Crest Whitestrips
  2. Trays with whitening gel
  3. In-office Professional whitening (like Venus or Zoom).  

The gel-filled trays and whitestrips are products you will use at home at your own leisure.  You will need 20-40 applications to get somewhat adequate results, say half a shade to one shade lighter?  Just enough to be noticeable (won’t glow in the dark or cause your spouse retinal damage).  Our in-office professional whitening is done in one visit in the chair with a stronger gel and results are accelerated with the use of a blue light.  You can expect to get 1- 11/shades lighter with one office visit.  Results you’re seeing in the before/after pic can be achieved with one or two office visits.

How do I proceed?

Of course this starts with an exam and I recommend that any decay or gum disease should always be taken care of before cosmetic procedures.  A good dental cleaning followed by home use of a Sonicare toothbrush will remove extrinsic staining and, in some cases, whiten them just a bit.  After a week of using your Sonicare twice a day, it’s time to come in for the real deal!

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