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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you ever wonder why movie stars, musicians and politicians have such beautiful teeth? Is it because nature was kinder to them than to you? No (well maybe in some cases), but more than likely, they achieved those beautiful smiles with popular cosmetic procedures like veneers and/or professional whitening. We use trusted professional laboratories to hand craft custom-designed porcelain veneers which can:

• Completely alter your facial appearance by changing your smile
• Lighten and brighten your teeth
• Close gaps between teeth
• Correct mis-alignments and chipped/fractured enamel

Veneers are a long lasting durable way to completely change your smile, and often replace the need of having to wear braces. There are two main types of veneers: Lumineers (or ultra-thin veneers) and traditional porcelain veneers.
Dr. Zia prefers traditional veneers in most cases but the best choice depends on your particular proportions. Your journey to a beautiful smile starts with, of course a thorough exam. We will take detailed images, photographs and study casts to ascertain your “golden proportions” of tooth size and shape. At your preparation visit, the dentist will remove a thin layer of surface enamel, take and impression and bond on temporary veneers. At your second visit the permanent veneers are bonded with a very strong cement. Sometimes a third visit is needed for minor adjustments to obtain optimal results.

Teeth Whitening

Although there are different options when it comes to whitening your natural enamel, all forms of whitening primarily use the same active ingredient called carbamide peroxide or in the case of whitestrips, hydrogen peroxide (chemical formula H2O2, for you nerds out there). This whitening gel or carbamide peroxide comes in different applications:

• Whitestrips
• Trays with whitening gel
• In-office Professional whitening

The gel-filled trays and whitestrips are products you will use at home at your own leisure. You will need 20-40 applications to get somewhat adequate results, say, up to one shade lighter? Just enough to be noticeable (won’t glow in the dark!). Our in-office professional whitening is done in one visit in the chair with a stronger gel and results are accelerated with the use of a blue light. You can expect to get 1-2 shades lighter with one office visit. Results you’re seeing in the before/after pic will likely require many office visits.


Of course this starts with an exam and we recommend that any decay or gum disease should always be taken care of before cosmetic procedures. It’s also wise to get a head start by getting your teeth as clean as possible and free from extrinsic staining. This is accomplished by a good dental cleaning followed by daily home use of a Sonicare toothbrush. After that you can come in for your professional whitening and get optimal results.

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