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Sedation (nitrous oxide gas and oral sedatives)

We Cater to the fearful!

If you’re nervous about your pending dental visit, you’re not alone! According to recent studies, roughly 30% of adults have fear and anxiety regarding their pending dental visit. However, postponing needed dental treatment will only worsen the problem leading to more invasive dental procedures at greater cost and expense.

At Classic Dental Care, your comfort is very important, so we offer Oral Sedatives or Nitrous Oxide Gas to help you through your treatment.

Oral sedatives are our first choice due to their effectiveness and low cost. We will first conduct a thorough dental exam and medical history evaluation prior to prescribing. We have found that the vast majority of patients don’t have allergy or other negative outcomes from sedatives. If this is the case then you can pick them up from your local pharmacy and take 2 tablets 90 minutes before your procedure to help you relax. Most patients are surprised at how effective they are at reducing anxiety for just a few dollars! For your safety, you must have a friend drive you to and from your appointment when under the influence of oral sedatives.

Nitrous Oxide gas is the next best option at relieving anxiety. You will simply wear a mask which provides a steady flow of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen and you’re steady breathing does the rest. The nice thing about this method is there are no metabolic biproducts for your digestive system to eliminate – the gas exits your circulation through your lungs as we purge it with pure oxygen for eight minutes at the end of your procedure. This way there’s no lingering euphoria! Nitrous Oxide administration, however, does have limitations due to the bulk of the mask and hoses that restrict our access It is also important to have someone drive you home after your appointment.

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